Sunday, September 25, 2005

Grounded and ungrounded

SO much depends on the sacred.

The spooked soldiers are, well, unprepared for the terrain, culturally speaking ; )

Come to that, we can't in fact read their chaplain's mind, and the thoughts the reporter imputes to him may very well be off base -- but the issue of "bringing light" to a city of voodoo and cannibals remains.

How much more grounded is Florida Richardson's declaration that God's will cannot be escaped! We cannot in all likelihood know whether her determination to remain was a successful or a failing strategy... but at the very least, its courage rings true and human.


Poor New Orleans Neighborhood Floods Again, AP, 23 September, 2005
New Orlean's Blair Dunce Project at BlogCritics, 24 September, 2005

Watch: the video clip